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Alie 1b167c46ba Merge branch 'release/v1.0.0' 2 months ago
Alie 9a6665c675 removed hosting from db 2 months ago
Alie ffc10a7059 corrected some errors and fmtd 2 months ago
Alie d1b9a48626 changed some stuff on index 2 months ago
Alie ddac242842 new images 2 months ago
Alie 3d96482380 made deploy scritp 2 months ago
Alie 3eb3dfca48 failing the captcha no longer returns a 500 2 months ago
Alie 8631a0259e reorganize files 2 months ago
Alie d2e922e595 fmt 2 months ago
Alie 4d7b82ecb0 fix error in views 2 months ago
Alie 4e0aa95347 Good changes i didnt commit 2 months ago
Alie 8c699e94bd import good changes and comment prod only changes 2 months ago
Alie bf3004b6da added image, changed stuff and wip about 3 months ago
Alie e349050758 booksing write done! 3 months ago
Alie 3b9549a9f0 typo in gitignore 3 months ago
Alie bc9533c8b7 signbook read done 3 months ago
Alie 387914e0c1 organiced some icons index separating gifs banners 4 months ago
Alie f0595645aa wtf why that oclor change??? 4 months ago
Alie d4fb27de5a deleted old stuff, made better css and added about 4 months ago
Alie 756b2348ef modify gitignore 4 months ago
Alie 65a3b1b035 done some css for index, need to do a big clenaup 4 months ago
Alie 0313e6977d commiting before i break this somehow, index done 4 months ago
Bizcochito 1b76f5add8 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.fai.st:1500/bizcochito/bizcochito.onion 7 months ago
Bizcochito 97e7039043 ale 7 months ago
Bizcochito 6e63dff083 i think i updated like months ago but not commited lemao 1 year ago
Bizcochito 6cb1beb8d2 fixed signbook 1 year ago
Bizcochito 49b008966b updated about 1 year ago
Bizcochito 67eb088621 added some more gifs to index :3 1 year ago
Bizcochito 028503055f made the site readable with aspect ratios <1 2 years ago
Bizcochito 4ee24902ca added ad page and with js page 2 years ago
Bizcochito a5e2b3c54e oops 2 years ago
Bizcochito 1a02e6802a oops 2 years ago
Bizcochito 9c06ebf867 i dont know what the fuck did i do in the las 3 months lol 2 years ago
bizcochito bdc4563a9d
added funny banner and made fedi acc list 2 years ago
bizcochito f4d7441ef7
first upload bruh 2 years ago